Animal phenotypic traits are highly diverse. Some traits have been shaped by natural and sexual selection for a long time and play important roles in survival and signalling. Our lab is studying the genetic basis of animal traits, and is trying to understand how did they evolve. One of the most diverse phenotypic traits in the natural world is animal coloration, and we are studying the genetic basis and evolution of it and how does it affect animal communication and speciation. Another big research interest of our lab is to study genes involved in immunity and senses.

Example Past & On-going Projects

Genetic basis of coloration
Genetic basis of bird plumage coloration (Sin et al. 2020)

PAIR OF CARDINALS IN A WINTER SCENE (C) Clarence Stewart size 2520_edited.jpg

Gene family evolution
Evolution of olfactory receptor genes (Sin et al. 2019) and MHC genes (Sin et al. 2012a, 2012b)

Animal senses
Evolution of taste in birds (Toda et al. 2021)
Evolution of olfactory receptor genes (
Sin et al. 2019)


Population genomics
The study of population structure and demographic history using genomic data (Dierickx et al. 2020Sin et al. 2021)